Director of Programming (Full-Time)

Director of Programming Overview

The Director of Programming at Justin’s Place is responsible for developing and overseeing all of Justin’s Place programs (not only the planning of programs, but engaging volunteers to serve in those programs) and helps assist the Executive Director with basic marketing, donor engagement, and administrative responsibilities.


Justin’s Place Overview

Justin’s Place is a Christian non profit organization in Fort Worth who work with single-mom families in the Stop 6 neighborhood. Our mission is to impact the life of a child by empowering single moms spiritually, physically and emotionally to walk out of lives of crisis and end generational poverty.


Justin’s Place consists of both weekly/monthly programming, as well as a stable living facility for single-mom families. Justin’s Place currently has 5 different programs targeted towards both mothers and kids in order to build lasting relationships that restore dignity and bring about life change. In addition to our programs, Justin’s Place will soon have a stable living facility called, The Nest, where single-mom families from Stop 6 can find the refuge, support, and stability they need to get back on their feet. The Nest is expected to be built in late 2019. 



·     Prepares and executes weekly programs- ALL IN, Multiply, and Reading Circle

·     Assists the Executive Director in planning and executing Mom’s Night Out and The Hub programs

·     Acts a liaison to plan events and increase volunteerism through our church partners.

·     Recruits new church and organizational partnerships

·     Brainstorms and executes marketing tactics (social media, website, media outlets, etc.) that help raise awareness of the Justin’s Place brand

·     Helps to plan and execute 2 fundraising events per year: Walk in My Shoes and Women Empowering Women.

·     Recruits and manages our programming leadership teams to track results and continually improve our programs.

·     Oversees the onboarding of new volunteers.

·     Oversees the expansion and retention of our team of monthly donor program, JP12.

·     Keeps volunteers engaged through building relationships with them.



·     Must be able to create work/tasks for themselves that will help them reach goals

·     Have the ability to take a concept/idea from start to finish

·     Show strong leadership skill and feel comfortable with recruiting volunteers and speaking to volunteer groups.

·     Shows passion for the population we serve and others like it.

·     When given a task or goal, knows what steps to take in order to reach that goal without being told

·     Ability to be flexible and change plans as needs arise

·     Must have a car, with insurance, and valid driver’s license.



·    Full-time (40+ hrs/week), salaried position

·    Office at WeWork Clearfork in Fort Worth, TX

Preston Newsome